Friday, August 25, 2006

#1975-Elector Johann Friedrich to ML

By God's grace Johann Friedrich. First of all, our greetings, honor-worthy,celebrated,dear devoted one! A writing has come from our uncle, Duke Georg of Saxony wherein His Love (Duke Georg) indicates that His love could not permit you or any in your party to incite a rebellion which would not advantageous to you or His Love
as His Love writes and so we herewith inclose a copies of the same writing of His Love and our answer.If you should be of the opinion to incite the people of our Uncle or others to rebellion we could in no way suffer that as appropriate and we could not permit it,as you can easily understand, and you would be properly punished.We hope that we are not mistaken that that is not your disposition and therefore we would that you would, as needed by us, provide the number and measure of your reported writings against our uncle and others and note your innocence expressly stated through your writing and that you would be responsible so that in the absence of your responsibility we might conclude that you are guilty.We did not want you to be uninformed.Dated at Weimar on the Monday after Cantate(12 Mai.) Anno Dom. 1533.
NOte: Looks like the church and state are about to collide.Is blood stronger than ...
or is Elector Johann looking at the militant Emperor?

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