Monday, August 28, 2006

#1976-To Spalatin

To the, in Christ, highly honorable man, Herr Georg Spalatin,Bishop and Servant of Christ in Meissen,in the LOrd his very dear friend.
Grace and peace! This pastor in Dobrun,my dear Spalatin, has obtained from our Prince as well as from the Visitors a present which the Sequestators are to extend to him. Therfore we are sending him to you that according to your office would help and care for him, as much as you are able, that he may preserve what he has prayed for and obtained. There are no Sequestators by us and he has lost almost everything due to a fire-storm in his parish. It comes to this (since the Prince wants to) that the fire-storm (damage) should be ameliorated by that which the Prince presented to him so that the poor man will not have to roam around without a certain place to dwell and abandon the parish and the same will become orphaned without a successor. Greet your Kaethe for me whom I hear is pregnant. I wish happiness for her and pray for a happy confinement. Be it well with you in Christ. The 12th of May 1533. Your Martin Luther.

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