Friday, August 11, 2006

#1963-To Johann,Prince of Anhalt

To the illustrious,high-born Prince and Lord, Herr Johann,Prince in Anhalt,Graf in Ascanien,Lord in Bernburg, my gracious Lord.
Grace and peace in Christ. Illustrious, high-born Prince,gracious Lord! Magister Nicolaus Hausmann. E.F.G.'s preacher, has indicated to me how E.F.G. from the heart is inclined toward the Gospel but it is difficult,likely not alone because of previous custom but also because of the writings and influences of several great Princes. Now it is surely the truth that these two things (previous habitude and the present temptation of great people) could well forcefully move stronger Christians than E.F.G. perhaps; however, we likewise must in time learn(though it cannot be done swiftly or suddenly that Christ is more, and God the Father wants Him to be heard above everyone. It may be a Council or Pope may have the Holy Spirit and by His influence order something, however Christ surely has no devil (John 8), not to mention that He has the Holy Spirit without measure (John 1),and all the Holy Apostles,Prophets,Churches, Councils have only a portion or firstfruit of the Holy Spirit,Rom.8,1 Cor.12. If now all Prophets, Apostles,Churches,Councils determine something and Christ over against them sets something contrary then Christ who has the Spirit without measure, yes He Himself imparts the Spirit,should count more than His saints who are profoundly unlike Him and cannot grant the Holy Spirit but only receive Him partially. Therfore I pray the Father of all mercy that He would permit E.F.G. to learn this one thing and ponder well that Christ and His Word is higher,greater,more and more certain that one-hundred-thousand holy fathers,Councils,Churches,Popes etc., whom the Scripture says all are sinners and erring sheep,Ps.119. Therefore let E.F.G. be bold and not fear the worlds regents.Christ is greater than any devil and much more than all princes; to the Same I commend His grace and mercy. On the Friday after Laetare (28 March) 1533.E.F.G.'s willing D. Martinus Luther.
NOTES: Both brothers in Anhalt receive a letter from ML on the same day.

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