Saturday, August 12, 2006

#1966-To Spa;latin

To the, in Christ, highly-honorable man, Herr Georg Spalatin, the servant of Christ in Altenburg and Visitor of the Churches, his very dear brother.
Grace and peace in Christ! This poor Elizabeth of Reinsburg cries to me as she was expelled from the girls school in Altenburg and has nothing whereby she can live; moreover she has complained to the Prince but they have referred her to the Sequestatoren. Therefore she pleads to me thatI should write to you so that you and also in my name take the concerns to the Sequestators (I dont'know what kind of chaos [Knaenel]this is among men or what they might call it). For this I plead that you would by writing and orally secure as much help from the Sequestators as you can. What else and more can I do? Be it well with you and at the same time I wish your wife and you happiness in the conception of new fruit. Christ bless you, Amen. Saturday Laetare (29 March)1533. Your D. Mart. Luther.
NOTES: Several times ML has expressed his concerns about the Sequestration which I understand to be the distribution of cloister properties and goods.

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