Tuesday, August 08, 2006

#1963-To Georg Held

To the, in the LOrd, highly-honorable man, Herr Georg Held, Christ's disciple,his brotherly friend.
Grace and peace in Christ. The very good man, Herr Nicolaus Hausmann, has related to me your upright blessedness in the LOrd,dearest brother, although that you are yet weak and yet very much rely on the Pope and Councils; I don't marvel over that. I also for almost twenty years lived as an Augustinian and through long practice and custom was completely bound and immersed in the same opinion had not God with force extracted me (whereof Nicolaus has spoken to you)from which you stuck and although I can never express it adequately in words although everything is very certain to me. It is difficult to put in practice the Word that I myself actually do what I teach as certain. How much less difficult it is for me to believe that you ,(as I hear) being in this way of life for so long and not (as I) daily required to make use of the Word of God against it, are so minded.For this reason, do not despair but do this: pray from the heart that the LOrd Jesus would grant you to see this dialectic which teaches that Christ is something different than Moses, the Pope and the entire world, yes, something different and greater than our conscience, which counts more than Moses or the Pope.If one believes Moses and the conscience then one becomes troubled and guilty under the Law;how much more should one believe the one Who is LOrd over all things Who then says:"Believe!", and again:"In vain they serve me with the commandments of men." There can be countless Popes and Councils, what are they against Christ? likely a drop against the sun. However this you will achieve through time, to be sure, since it so great that it cannot be seized when for such a long time one was accustomed to an outlook so different. I speak as who one has experienced it so it may seem easy for me. Yet I admonish you that you earnestly continue in prayer and practice and the LOrd will be with you.I wish that what I say to you and write also would be read aloud and said to Herr Roseler
that you would greet him with your words and with my heart. Be it well with you in the LOrd and may He from day to day make you stronter. On the Friday after Laetare (28 March) 1533. Your Martin Luther.
NOTE: Fellow Augustinians receive the signature " 'YOUR '" Martin Luther.
Had a class mate Larry "Held". No doubt a descendant from Georg who freed himself from the Pope and married. Just kidding.

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