Monday, August 07, 2006

#1961-Veit Dietrich to Justus Menius

(This is summarized by the Editors. It is printed by Kolde, Analecta,P.184)
Dietrich reports that Luther had suffered very much but is now recovered. On 23 March 1533 (the date of letter) he first was up and around but had not yet preached after being laid up for a month with suffering of the head. ML was still complaining about dullness and weakness. Dietrich has seen nothing of a writing of Menius against Wicel. It was said that Wicel was preparing a new attack but yet Jonas would make a good counter attack.
NOTE: The writing of Jonas published in Wittenberg,1534 by Georg Rau Rhaw) was. "Which is the true church and on the other hand, which is the false church."

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