Friday, July 28, 2006

#1953-Justus Menius to ML

To his honor-worthy and very dear Father in Christ,D.Martin Luther, Preacher in the church in Wittenberg etc.
Grace and peace in Christ! I express to you the greatest and eternal thanks, my dear Father in Christ, that you have finally completed the summaries of the Psalter and pray unceasingly to God, our Father that what He has deigned to confer upon us through you,His servant, to present to us according to His immeasurable goodness would be beneficial to us and that such a great abundance of truly spiritual and truly heavenly goods and precious treasure would not be regarded as insignificant. O the happy-blessedness of us being actually the children of God that He should become the participant with us on earth in the flesh and in sin when we were erring and yet in darkness and the shadow of death and make us partakers of the divine and heavenly love and in the light of the highest majesty, that is, and to not only to point to the great wisdom and truth of the exalted God but granted to our hearts to carry nothing other than the light. It is to the glory and praise and thanks to the highest and best Father
in heaven eternally, Amen, that He has supported you and other saints at length to the glory of His Name and everlasting honor. The grace of the LOrd Jesus Christ be with you and pray for me a sinner. Greet all my friends and lords. J. Justus Meinus.
NOTES. The date of this letter is thought to be early in 1533 as the summaries of the
Psalms appeared in January of 1533. ML's summaries of 150 Psalms are in Volume IV of the St. Louis Editon. ML says the Psalter is five-fold and divides it to according to prophecies of Christ,petiitions, thanksgiving,prayers for deliverance.and psalms of consolation.
Seems like J. Menius is being a bit flowery.

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