Wednesday, July 26, 2006

#11952-Nicolaus Hausmann to ML

Grace and peace in Jesus Christ,my hon orable Herr Father Martin,Who for us was born and circumcised! I also was not able to write because of the illness affected my head, however I have again taken up preaching, although I am not completely recovered,inspired by the longing of the people hoping that the stomach will improve.I am experiencing great alleviation through the physician Herr Doctor Augustin; God give to the administered healing means his blessing. I have securely obeyed the Doctor in everything according to the prescribed order and I in no way would have achieved health except through the above named physician so powerful was the influence of the stomach though I do not know on account of what over indulgence; likely the sudden alteration of diet and modesty in drinking has been the cause but it was the will of the LOrd Whom
it pleased to kill the body and pulverize it ad nauseam so that I would daily learn to wait on the LOrd should He come to the Wedding Feast. No one can understand the power of the Word of the Cross unless he be so plagued and afflicted. Through this temptation one acquires patience.
So that I do not appear to be unthankful for the present given for the New Year, worthy father, I am sending you a letter of the Imperial Majesty, Charles V, written to the Pope regarding the assembling of a Council which Doctor Turk, the Chancellor of the Bishop of Magdeburg, shared with my Prince with the condition that the letter should not be made public without sufficient reason. Because of the weakness of my head I have not been able to read or proof-read. You will pardon the writer if he has in any way erred. Keep this copy with you but yet share in with the well-renown lords namely with Philipp, Doctor Jonas, Pommer, and perhaps other faithful people, also Cruciger. Our Prince fears danger. However, in fact, you know our Prince does not yet know the wise man Sirach. However, I am kindled by love to take an opposite position on German relationships. The news has many very terrified, worthy Herr Father. Greet all of the above named renowm men in the LOrd and, in Christ, be it right well with your pregannt wife whom I wish a joyful confinement by the blessing of Christ,Amen. I also will not cease to pray for you. Greet your Catharina. Indicate to the skillful Herr Doctor Augustin the circumstance of my health with a Christian greeting. I cannot now thoroughly answer Doctor Hieronymous Weller;may the blessed man not be vexed. May
you take the trouble to greet all the acquaintances. Your letter to the Lord Prince would be very much appreciated but do not delay taking time to do it; nothing would be more dear and appreciated by the Herr Probst. He is zealous in the opposition to Duke Georg and all opponents. The Prince greets you respectfully and in a friendly way. From Dessau on the day before the Feast of God's Appearance (Theophanie) [5 Jan.] 1533.Worthy Father, Your Pupil Nicolaus Hausmann
NOTE: Might one say Hausmann was nauseated ad nauseam?

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