Tuesday, July 18, 2006

#1948-To Bernhard Rothmann, Preacher in Muenster

(This is the last letter in Volume xxia of the St. Louis Edition. On to xxib, God willing.)
To the highly-honorable brother in Christ, Bernhard Rothmann, the faithful and wise servant of the LOrd in Muenster in Westphalia.
Grace and peace in Christ! I, who am for the most part busy, my dear Bernhard, am forced by concern to (write) this letter because of a trustworthy rumor has come over that in Westphalia several sacramentarians are going about who are attempting to sneak into the cities which have been recently won over to the Gospel.For this reason I admonish and plead that not only you be protected but also the churches or the people be fortified. Such confidence we have in you in the LOrd that you, as you have begun that which gives the angels joy in heaven and on earth in that the city of Muenster is converted by you that it may also continue so that this offering to God is completed and that there not be blame to you that this joy of which we are partakers will be turned to sadness but rather will increase and abide to eternity.
Now you see that Zwingli with his many colleagues has been punished for his doctrine as a horrifying example if any may be moved by that. Thus also Muenzer is done in and Hetzer and several others whom God in demonstration of His horrible (monstris) wrath showed how He hates these godless spirits and though they have become hardened as the
Jews and Philistines they should be despised and not regarded in any way as martyrs.Christ who began this great work in you and through you will now perfect and edify you in the plain and pure recognition of the Word secure and unharmed from all the impurities of these people, Amen. I have written this uprightly and in good confidence; would that you would also receive the same uprightly and in friendly disposition. I do not want you to doubt that you are beloved and honored by us. Given at Wittenberg two days before the Birth of Christ. Your Martin Luther.

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