Tuesday, July 18, 2006

#1946-To the city council of Soest

To the honorable and wise mayor and council of the city of Soest, my favored lords and good friends.
Grace and peace in Christ! Honorable,wise,dear lords and friends! Recently (the letter of June 17) I have written to you (although by the hand of Philipp because of the dizziness of my head and the weakness of my spirit I was not able to write with my own hand) commending faithfully to you as your superintendent, Sir Johann Brun etc., and earnestly warning you about the harmful man Johann Campen etc. Now I hear that the same apostle of the devil brings about misfortune among you; it is thereto my hearty and faithful Christian advice that you should be free of this man. It requires no complaint
nor remittance (proof?) since his action is public how he in Flensburg with Melchoir Kurschner (called Hofmann) stood with the enthusiast and undertook to sow his seed in Lubeck and Brunschweig. I plead that all of yours will be warned in time lest a fire grows out of a spark since there is nothing good therein and it is certain your city has the devil for a guest in him. We are doing that in ours and herewith want to warn yours. Christ our LOrd who granted you desire and love for His pure Word strengthen and protect you in the same until you are perfected, Amen. On the day of St. Thomas 1532. D. Martinus Luther with his very own hand.

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