Friday, July 07, 2006

#1934-To Nicolaus von Amsdorf

Grace and peace in Christ! The wife Pack,my dear Amsdorf,is concerned for her husband
Doctor Otto Pack because the rumor in Leipzig is that he was seen in the dukedom of Duke
Georg and she fears he may be imprisoned. I have consoled the very good wife as much as I am able assuming it could be something different. Therefore she has requested that I request that you ,as it is likely will run into him in Magdeburg , would earnestly admonish him to refrain from traveling especially in the dukedom of Duke Georg (ducal Saxony) as there is an extraordinary pursuit of him ready; this do for the sake of love.
There is little news. That which is reported on the conquest of the Turkish ships is a happy report if it is true. I am now entirely involved with the translation of Sirach. I am hoping to be free of this burdensome work (pistrino, Treimuhle) within three weeks. My Kaethe is ill from a fever and sleeeplessness and at the same time her confinement is near. I commend her to your prayers and also for me and all of mine. Our Christ be with you, Amen. On the 2nd November 1532, Your Martin Luther.

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