Sunday, July 09, 2006

#1936-To Nicolaus Hausmann, Preacher in Dessaau

To the worthy man in the LOrd,M. Nicolaus Hausmann, the faithful servant of the Word in Dessau, his superior in the LOrd.
Grace and peace in Christ! This letter I have had a long time laying before my eyes, dear man, so that in each and every hour it could be sent to you but Aurelius always answers that neither he nor M. Georg has a trustworthy messenger but now during my absence it has been smudged by spilled ink. You must hold me inncoent since I was taking care with the hope it could be sent without first getting out of my sight.
For the rest, I thank our LOrd Christ that you are there unhurt supported in grace by the Prince; thank him in my name not only for the present of the boars but moreso because of his homage and favor toward the Word of God and what is rarer toward yours truly which has the great hero glancing at the inferior. Above all you will above all things commend the Prince and me to God in your prayers.
With me will be, as you would want to be, also Justus Jonas, Phillip, and Pomeranus and Cruiiger to feast on the wild pigs on the birthday of St. Martin,the son Martin, and the father of Martin. Oh, that you would be with us!.
There is no news beyond except that by the command of the Prince the Visitation will be renewed; Justus Jonas is one of the visitors. Further the Sequestration is going forth severly. I fear it might be too severe. "Our dear LOrd make everything good", Amen. On the 6th of November 1532. Your Martin Luther,D.
NOTE: The last Martin was born on November 9,1531 and everyone knows the birthday of ML and the day of St. Martin.
Should we have a vote on the skill of ML as a wild boar eater or lover?

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