Friday, July 07, 2006

#1932-To Elector Johann Friedrich

(ML says this is the second appeal he is making to Johann Friedrich as Elector (JF became Elector when Johann died in August of 1532). The first was made orally in Wittenberg for one M. Pacaeus, deacon in Leisnig, and his wife and six children who were not being well cared for in that parish. ML repeated the request for them in March of 1533.)

Grace and peace in Christ. Illustrious, high-born Prince,most gracious Lord! The first
humble supplication I made to you orally in Wittenberg for Pacaeus.Now I am coming with the second (I want to count them so I don't make too many). I speak now of a Christian
supplication and it is my humble request for two boys, sons of the late Hans von Kanitz ,who have done very well in their studies in Torgau and it would be well advised (to continue?) since their mother who is in poverty can no longer support them and it would be a continual disappointment if these fine boys had to give up their studies since people (learned?) are needed; I know very well that my late (Johann) etc., most gracious Lord upon my writing and request gave these same boys an expectation of a stipend. Therefore I request once more to the praise of God and good of the country that such fine boys have such an Expectanz graciously provided with such stipend being according to the pleasure of E.C.F.G. Your father has obligated and committed E.C.F.G. and all of them, father, mother and children are pious people. I firmly believe that E.C.F.G. will be graciously disposed about this. Christ, our LOrd, help and strengthen E.C.F.G.for a blessed regime and afterward to everlasting life, Amen. On the day of St.Luke (18 Oct.) 1532. E.C.F.G.'s submissive Martinus Luther,D.

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