Monday, July 24, 2006

#1951-To Nicolaus Hausmann in Dessau

To the, in Christ, highly-honored man, Herr Nic. Hausmann, the very faithful servant of Christ in Dessau, his superior in the LOrd.
Grace and peace in Christ, ou LOrd! Already for three times the opportunity to write to you has escaped me, highly-honored man, and very much contrary to my will. Constantly I am overwhelmed with writing and other labors (agendo) pertaining to the books as well as the forewords which we appended to this Leipzig Mass. Therfore I plead with you that you regard this delay for the best. My good will toward you is unassailable and it will always be so though it may be somewhat negligent. I want to be favorable and servicable to you in the highest way. After earlier today completing the writing of the books I set out this evening to complete the letters which are to be sent to Leipzig and Nuernberg. When these are finished finally I am taking the leisure to write extensively to you and your Lord Prince, the illustrious Lord Georg, Probst in Magdeburg and the contract I will attest to, amidst the mass of writings which I hope will be good and acceptable.
I wish you the happiness that your lack of well-being will be overcome and better health will be restored to you. Christ preserve your health and you as one who prays for me.
The sermon which I held forth in Worlitz is printed and I am delivering it herewith.I thought that the books which were newly published you already had because I am convinced of the carefulness of the Magister Georg for you, yes, it has been proved but if there is anything else that you do not have let me know I plead with you. Christ, as one hears here, has His enemy, the screamer in Leipzig ,killed right in the chancel and in the midst of his blasphemy.
In Hamburg a Domherr (cathedral priest) did himself in, one who especially hated the Gospel and at the same time a Sacramentarian in the very same city plunged into the fountain and although the fountain is not very deep and the people ran to the fountain and called upon Christ, he intentionally nevertheless threw himself backwards and suffocated despising the assistance which was offered to help him out. His words were exactly like those of Judas: I have deceived many therefore there is no hope available. Thus should your enemies be done away with, O LOrd, who knowingly and expressly have no end or degree of their blasphemy and with outsretched necks assail God.
You commend me to your very good and upright Prince whom, when I have attained leisure, will write to in a confidential way. Christ be with you. My lord Kaethe greets you respectably and requests that you in your prayer will stand by her since she is near to her confinement (delivery?). On the second of January 1533. Your Martin Luther.

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