Friday, May 05, 2006

#1891-To the Council at Soest

Grace of God and peace through our LOrd Jesus Christ. Honorable, honored, wise, favored
friends. Since my most gracious Lord, the Elector of Saxony, sent your writing to me and ordered me to indicate to you a learned and pious man to be superintendent it is my advice that one of the preachers in Bremen be ordered either Jacob Praepositum or Johann Zelst whom as I understand desire to leave Bremen; they are ethical and learned men and have experienced much in their administration. You have also talked with one that he should come to you, namely Johann de Brune of Gent whom I regard as fitting for this office. However, since he for several reason is not wanting to accept this office
it is my thought that you should beforehand order one of the preachers of Bremen.However if neither of the same betake themself to you I will deal with the mentioned Johann de Brune that he betake himself to you. I plead with you and admonish you that as you desire and honor the holy Gospel that you see to it that impure and rebellious doctrine (Lahr) contrary to the Body and Blood of Christ and Baptism etc.may not be inculcated among you. I have also written to the mentioned preachers of Bremen that you will likely order one of them and that you will hear a good answer from them. Dated at Wittenberg on the evening of Philip and James (30 April) anno 1532. Doctor Martinus Luther with his own hand (manu propria).
NOTE: Maybe this is the Netherlands Soest rather than the Saxon as they are wanting someone from Ghent.

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