Wednesday, September 12, 2012

To Ambrosius Berndt

Grace and Peace! I am not so inhuman, my dear Ambrosius, that I do not know how much the death of Margatetha grieves you.The attraction of the husband to his wife is so great that it is not easily removed from the hearts and God is not displeased that this attraction is so great  if it is only to the extent which He has implanted it. And I would not think of you as a man, not to say for a good man, if you could immediately remove this sorrow from your heart. Yet, my dear Ambrosius, I would let this sorrow go but not contrary to the will of God.It is necessary that this sorrow has a measure. Thereto it is for you to contemplate: first: that there is misery in this world, as you have been separated from yourself a wife and a son; nothing more bitter can befall you as a man, especially you have had such a wife with not only the customary gifts which were according to all you wanted, but also disciplined and favored with the best customs with the greatest and best that satisfied your heart and moved not a little. And I know that for this reason you grieve all the more because she was meek and very agreeable to your manner. However you must consider this that in this death are the most blessed of men, that is, in her blessed duty and calling has died with steadfast courage in child-birth with constant courage and in firm trust to Christ whom she frequently, as she in death lie, confessed that she only on Christ called and committed everything and all to God.Thereto, came an extraordinary wonder that so graciously sustained by God bore to you a son Johann who was baptized and buried together with his mother. These two things should be earnestly weighed by you  and weigh the physical goods with the spiritual and absolutely determine that the spiritual gifts are greater than the physical. Herein be you steadfast and temper your sorrow as much as you can.Be comforted with the Word of God, the excellent consolation,and learn also to give God great thanks for the spiritual gifts which your wife demonstrated to you as we pray to our Father at the same we all may die in the same faith.Your Mart.Luther.

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Consolation and counsel from Pastor Luther.