Saturday, September 22, 2012

#2429-To Duke Albrecht of Prussia

Grace and peace in Christ and my poor Vater-Unser. Illustrious,high-born Prince, gracious Lord! may I write to EFG about Hans von Bora, my brother-in-law who previously served EFG in Muemel (Memel). After he had gone away at length to stay  because of his little land-grant and that he was also moved to marry, until he had cultivated the same, yet nevertheless yet never gave up desiring to serve EFG but at all times with the greatest praise and wished always willing to serve: request therefore EFG would the delay which was necessary to strengthen his brother's land-grant may it not to be understood in any way as an intentional ingratitude or regarded as an unwillingness to serve EFG. I can witness to the same truly that he at all times highly regards EFG very much and regard as a dear Lord above all others.
Whether now, EFG (after he for his little child the land-grant and poor cottage or little house cares for and and gets it well settled) may further use his service, he requests to do with all loyalty and energy to serve and desires EFG to be his gracious Prince and Lord. Therefore it is my humble request that he would be graciously commended to EFG and be regarded favorably; that would be regarded as a pleasing good work before God. So much I poor Christian this before God do with my poor request to EFG as I am responsible to do  and obligated to help other poor Christians.
News of the Turks I think that EFG knows more than we. The King (Ferdinand) is not happy that the Emperor is back in Spain; some think he is angry that the Pope has dismissed the Council infamously abhors,fears,dreads and fleas. This is nothing other than rogues and boobs.; yet God has begun to visit them and will not relent but press forward to make them more fools in their wisdom.
With the Swiss who previously were not united with us regarding the Sacrament  it has gone a long way; God help it further; since Basel, Strassburg,Augsburg and Bern together with more others stand very close to us; thus we regard it as very friendly so that I hope God will bring it the offense to an end not for our sake which we do not deserve but for the sake of His Name and to vex the horror in Rome; such news will be shocking very much and they will be very much fearful that they have also so terribly shunned the Council. Herewith be commended to God, Amen. Monday after Phillip and James (6 Mai) 1538. EFG's willing Martinus LutherR.

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