Friday, March 26, 2010

Anna von der Dame

#2329-To Elector Johann Friedrich for Anna von der Dame by ML

G.(grace) u.(and) peace in Christ and my poor Pater-Unser (Lord’s Prayer). Illustrious,high-born Prince, most gracious
Lord!. Once more an appeal for the good Frau Hanna von der Dame who since the previous three years was driven from
the lands of Duke Georg on account of the Gospel and under the wing of ECFG came to a Vorwerklein (?) granted in the book
of the cloister for three years, as ECFG is well mindful of. Now is the time of the coming Christmas-tide and though there are
many hands (for extending help?) they have nothing of their own or any certainty unless ECFG looks upon their misery and grants
a few more years for their good (Gutlein) , until they can secure something of their own. And it may be that there are some
among us who have little mercy for such expelled people and they would rather keep everything for their own sack. To that it is my humble request that ECFG would further extend your grace and take it up earnestly and not permit the good people to be
disappointed although likely someone may have intentions to help them. It is just because she has suffered so much for the sake
of Christ and she is pious so she should receive renewal and comfort under ECFG.Our dear Lord God grant ECFG to do according to his very best will. ECFG’s humble Mart.Luther.

N.B. Anna’s husband Franz von der Dame was evidently with her in being expelled from Ducal Saxony.

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