Tuesday, March 30, 2010

#2332-ML to Elector Johann Friedrich on Schmalkald

To the most illustrious,high-born Prince and Lord, Lord Johann Friedrich,Duke in Saxony, Arch-marshall of the Holy Roman Empire and Elector, Landgraf Thuringia and Markgraf in Meissen, my most gracious Lord.
Grace and peace in Christ and my poor Pater Noster etc. Most illustrious, high-born Prince, Most gracious Lord! Upon ECFG's writing and order I have ordered that on the day of the Innocents (28 Dec.1536) or soon thereafter Mr Nicolas Amsdorf, M.Eisleben and M.Spalatin would come here (since Mr. Just) and Friedrich are situated too far away). To them I have put before the Articles which I myself have put down (according to ECFG's command), and dwelt several days over on account of my weakness, which is,I think, come upon me by Satan, but otherwise I had hope to do it in one day. And as the above have verified the same and subscribed with their own hand I am sending them with our co-brother and good friend, M.Georg Spalatin, to give over to ECFG and they all have requested that I do so. I plead also humbly on behalf of all since several of ours have the suspicion and say so that we Pfaffen (as we are called) want to put in danger our Princes and Lords with their peoples on account of our stiff-necked undertaking etc., that ECFG would graciously be assured that should even the most insignificant,to say nothing of ECFG and other Lords, lands and people be put in danger we would rather take (the danger) only to ourselves alone. Therefore ECFG would know well how far and wide would adopt these articles; we only want to have the burden and no one else and everyone have the freedom to be burdened with them or not. Herewith ECFG be commended to the dear God. Mid-week after the New Year (3 Jan.) 1537. ECFG's obedient Martinus Luther,D.
Nota Bene: Mr Just is Justus Menius of Erfurt and Fredrich is Friedrich Myconius of Gotha. The Elector didn't want M. Eisleben to be at Schmalkald but be the court preacher or involved with the Visitation.

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