Friday, March 05, 2010

#2325-To Prince Joachim of Anhalt (Christmas comfort for the depressed Joachim)

Christ our dear Lord comfort EFG’s heart with His bodily becoming human which He has provided for the comfort and good will for all men as the dear angels today sing: “Glory be to God in the highest, peace on earth and good will toward men”. It may be, I hope, that EFG’s heart because of faith or of the Gospel have no doubt or sadness as it is know well known what the truth is as opposed to the devil and his Pope’s lies.When it stands well with doctrine and faith, so hell with all the devils fall upon us and is there anything more? What can trouble us but perhaps our sin and an evil conscience? However, Christ has taken that away for us although likel we daily sin. Who can terrify us except the devil? However, He who dwells in us is greater than he although also faith may be weak.The devil is holy and without sin but we are in need of a dear Savior; the devil may be sheer strength and has no need of anything of Christ’s strength and help! We should and want to be weak that Christ’s strength may dwell in us as S. Paul says: “Virtus Christi in infirmitate perficitur.” (Christ virtue is perfected in weakness). EFG has not yet denied or crucified the dear Lord., and should that happen nevertheless He abides gracious and also prayed for the crucifiers. Therefore EFG be comforted and strong in Christ against the evil spirit who can do nothing other than falsely trouble, terrify and murder. The dear Lord Jesus Christ be with EFG’s heart and not leave him without comfort.

The date is thought to be 25 December 1536.

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