Wednesday, March 03, 2010

#2324-Observations on the calling of the Mantua Council and of the Opposition to the same.
(No signatures to this. Looks like Amsdorf subscrided to something similar to the Elector)

As the Pope or the Council especially summoned this party ad respndendum oder ad audiendum declarari etc ( to answer or to state having heard etc.) many can comfortably in this matter send everywhere that they have previously deliberated on the matter; whether the Summons, or with what protestation it should be received. If looks at the process of the Council of Constance and the like it might well be concluded that without doubt the preachers will be summoned although not equally the princes.

Whether this will the same Summons or not, we hold that it is in every way useful and necessary from this Party a message be sent to KM (royal majesty?) and writing to the Emperor and every Potentate and publicly let it be known we carefully, as much as possible, in this important, high matter take the opportunity to indicate and plead a way be considered that a right process is adopted to rightly serve the unity of Christendom,and how the forma literarum (pattern of writings?) may be most easily deliberated.

And thus a pattern (forma) must be put in place that harmonizes with all together agree upon and improved by the considerations of all and conducive to be brought into the light. It should also not be blamed on us; we want, with God’s help, according to the command of our most gracious Lord, do the same. However it falls out, as it may, it is yet beneficial that one comprehends and is prepared.

About an Opposition-Council it is our concern that in every way it is best not to hasten to that. Since an Opposition-Council has a greatly frightening appearance of establishing a schism and that one wants to be opposed to the whole world if not wanting to take to the battle field. That being so before undertaking such a greatly apparent opposition until one has openly come to an agreement on the matter. Previously also there must be an understanding of all positions harmoniously agreed to. Disunity among one another is not only ridiculous but among us a great disruption and a horror in other lands who otherwise might have good will toward us. Rather, it is necessary that there be general writings published that one may become cognizant of what is at stake and also warning that everyone in other princedoms and lands not go against us to that they be not guilty of innocent Christian blood. Also, that they do not strengthen unrighteous worship services and the public sins of the priests. Likewise,one must plead for the world to help that where matters are in dispute that cause common men to err and doubt that we in every way have concern that these same differences be brought to proper, consisten, fundamental and Christian unity. With such statements and the like one must be prepared but it is not yet time to speak and to hasten thereto. Therefore one cannot yet speak of a counter-Council. Our Process must be previously begun. Also, it is better that one waits to begin the efforts. Likewise this party is previously in harmony

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