Sunday, February 21, 2010

#2322-Cordatus to Luther

To Doctor Martin Luther
Grace from God through Christ! That I did everything without you (to say nothing of contrary to you) in Wittenberg in the matters of faith to make right, considered wrong, I want you to know that tomorrow I am handing the said matter to the Rector which is to say that I am making a private matter public. Now also if the worthy (Magnificus) Herr Rector and the theologians themselves who up to now stood firm in sound doctrine, from we all have learned, do not make a judgment over my written position (actione) or want to speak nor also concerning the offense of D.Cruciger and all his followers to oppose and bring about a proper ending then I will hand over it to the Prince for a judgment; the reasons for my great opposition I will bring before the College of Theologians. Be it right well with you and rejoice that your great gifts again will be arrayed for the battle of God. From Niemeck, the 16th of December. Conr.Cordatus.

Send back to me, worthy father, the position since I must have that outcome so that tomorrow can also speak with C ruciger so that I can know right from the start, to be sure, whether he wants to defend his lecture.

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