Friday, February 12, 2010

#2314-Luther, Jonas. and Melanchthon to the Council in Nuernberg

to the honorable, prominent (fuernehmen?), and wise, Lords, Mayor and Council of the city of Nuernberg, our favored Lords and Friends.

Grace and peace from God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Honorable,wise, favored Lords!Your Honorable Wisdom’s writing along with the sermon Osiander and the accompanying questions about you wish our opinion we have received and are well inclined to give EEW (Your honorable wisdom) a return answer with this messenger.We are also,however, at this time burdened with a matter from our most gracious Lord, the Elector of Saxony so that the answers to EEW due to haste may not be completed in the way that time requires and to speak the way that is required and give the necessary time.Although we also support Private-Absolution with all earnestness and consider it very beneficial and have always taught that of the many things to preserve and that should not be done away with or forsaken in the church we yet conclude that the forgiveness of sins is not received only in Private-Absolution but that also the heart receives the right faith and comfort in the common sermon. That the sermon and absolution have power thereto God assures He will work with His Word whether it is spoken in general or otherwise; also has commanded to believe the Gospel whether in common or otherwise held forth. On this article rests the whole and basis of this strife and have therefore briefly repeated the article thereby to underline what are opinion is of the main part of this matter. How far however Herr Osiander strays from this and why he rebukes the customary absolution requires a somewhat longer discussion and we want to do the same as we have opportunity undertake favorably and send EEW our thoughts with our own messenger. God preserve EEW graciously and grant your church peace and unity in Christ. Dated at Witteberg on the Tuesday after Catherine (28 Nov.) in ’36 year
Martinus Luther,D.
Justus Jonas D.,P.W.
Caspar Cruciger,D.
Philippus Melanchthon

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