Thursday, December 03, 2009

#2308-ML to the seniors of the Maehrist Brothers

To the, in Christ, seniors of the church in Maehre, his highly-honored brothers, dear in Christ.

Grace and peace in the LOrd! We have,highly-honorable brothers, perused your writing
and listened to the messenger you sent. We agree with everything except for a single chapter in which you teach that never should one be absolved by a servant of the church who postpones confession until the very last breath of his life. Since this position is opposed to ours we thought it well to remind you in this matter that either you improve or at least elucidate better so that we after your good intention have seen could write an appropriate preface. A difference regarding celibacy although I am not completely opposed so that if you have such persons who support their manner of living and want to remain unmarried and also are able to do so that this rule Canon) does not stricture those who cannot endure a marriage-less life. That you will abundantly learn from the brothers you have sent to me. What concerns us is only this that we wish for an upright unity be brought forth, as do you no less than we pray to God that through His grace this will happily proceed. Your gift to me was very acceptable although it was very much not necessary that in your poverty you should be so generous to me. What remains: God be the protector of your souls and also your bodies, and give you richly His grace on that Day,Amen. Given on the Sunday after the Feast of the Saints (5 Nov.) Anno 1536.

N>B. ML was given 12 Bohemian knives by the Maehrist Brothers.

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