Sunday, November 01, 2009

#2239-To Caspar Huberinus in Augsburg
To the worthy lord in Christ,Caspar Huber, the faithful servant of the Word in the church
In Augsburg, my beloved brother in the Lord.

Grace and peace in Christ! I write and am loaded with many activities,my beloved Caspar in the Lord; in addition I am very old and almost dead away and am scarcely
useful for a a half-day. On that account there are several who desire my thoughts and
opinion and you might share with them. I see very well that the Concord is hardly established; yet as they are dealing faithfully there is yet the good hope that God who has begun His work that it will be yet completed. He knows the ordained course of His Church namely that the wagon and also the horses must go through mud and great waters and yet the wagon attains victory as the Prophet Habbakkuk tells. For this reason let is hope and pray that God the Lord will stamp the head of the snake under our feet,Amen. Further, it is my opinion that the Cathedral lords will be spared neither they or their horrors nor that the authorities will not prevail with their action or authority so that yet the preachers will not be silenced but with joyful spirit and powerful sermons will rebuke their services and
essence and the hearts of the faithful made zealous and horrified. God’s Word should not be bound, but should rebuke the world because of sin. One should be concerned in what way the Cathedral-administration might be restrained so that in the mean time one might perhaps find counsel. One need not worry that the Princes will permit the Emperor to take over all these spiritual goods. They will also be in the pursuit, and not unjustly, should it come to that. In addition the cities will have some consolation in that. Thus, one should eagerly endeaveor at the same time that hearts of the pious and also the evil be turned from this horror. Briefly, these are my thoughts. If you think it well, share these thourghts with the Strassburger preachers. Since I cannot write to all of them or especially to serveral of them. Greet for me the pious Magister Forster with all of his and all of yours . With that be commended to the Lord. Dated at Wittenberg on the 23 October 1536. M.Luther.

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