Monday, August 10, 2009

# 2291-To Georg,Prince of Anhalt-In the matter of Schoenitz

To the illustrious and high-born Prince and Lord,Lord Georg, Prince in Anhalt and Thumprobst in Magdeburg,Graf in Ascanien.
G. (grace) and peace in Christ. Ach, my gracious,dear Lord, how sad I am that EFG is so deeply stuck in the Bishop's matter. I know well how faithfully and heartily EFG takes the matter and still the holy man and silly man have much different thoughts. My plea to EFG and advice is still that the matter should be put around the neck of the Stift (charitable institution) otherwise nothing will come about; I also hope that God will soon visit his haughty spite,pride,rididcule and mockery; he will yet Christ set and a mayor and city secretary in Halle as before, where Christ remains Lord. However, I am glad to hear that his matter is contrived in so rotten and wrong way in this talk although those working with it do know how to simply understand it. But what is that and he should learn that that I am not simplistic, but am albertish,bishopish, cardinalish,and romish! But onward, it should go on the right course and I plead that it will not be tolerated; gross is gross and too much rips the the sack. Ach, EFG will out the matter and not give cover to the hellish mayor.Herewith, be to God commended,Amen. EFG is for me a dear prince and lord from whom I receive all good but never from the mayor of Halle. 1536 on the day of St. Michael (29 Sept.) EFG's willing Martinus Luther,D.
I am also sending EFG the Testament of the XII Partriarchs again with the copy etc.which you let me see. It is a judicial thing but from a pious man and in judging one learns good morals; but Christ should also be therein etc.
What Nicl.Hausmann will be conveying to EFG will be on behalf of the Bohemians I am earnestly praying for; EFG will well feel what to do since I do not want to burden EFG in any way.
N.B. "albertish" is probably foolish or silly. As I remember the matter of Schoenitz involves the siezing of his property by the Archbishop of Mainz and devoting it to the church.

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