Thursday, July 30, 2009

#2290-ML to Zwickau Council-an ironic rebuke

Grace and peace. Honorable and perceptive, dear lords and good friend! I have been happy to read that you in Zwickau have become pious; I also want to write the pastor,when I can, that he also should rightly be so. That I should so easily believe one party or yet do so may it be, as God wills, that you do not take it amiss bluntly. I have been quite burned by the star of Zwickau and know quite well its brilliance and influence. Therefore the suspicion be easily aroused from the great brilliance of previous events; nevertheless I praise the preachers,people and congregations and also the greater portion of the Council and consider the whole heaven over Zwickau filled with favorable star not to mention that the great planets over Zwickau are wonderful,making a unique constellation, and confuse heaven with other stars by which Example also they want to tear down other cities. This is in my heart that the regiments, church and state, should not be mixed or one devour the other and both be done in as under the Papacy, as St. Paul says (2 Cor.12:20.): "You bite and eat one another see to it that you do not devour each other." I think, if God wills, it good if you well take my writing as well intended. Herewith, be commended to God,Amen. Midweek after Mauritius (27 Sept.)1536. M.Lutherus
NOTA BENE: Not sure about the stars and planets and whether ML is referring to some phenomena or making fun of their boasting as if ordained by heaven. What do you think? I could have missed something.

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