Saturday, July 25, 2009

#2289-To Spalatin in Altenburg

To the highly-renown man, Herr Magister Georg Spalatin,Pastor and Bishop of the church in Altenburg,in the LOrd,my very dear (friend).
Grace and peace in Christ! I plead with you, my dearest Spalatin, you would immediately with M.Brisger, who is returning, as soon as he is there, that you with him faithfully help the poor Elsa of Reinsberg to be received or at any rate, sustained by you and also that you do not permit her to be harrassed or troubled by bitter words. Who knows in what person the poor and begging Christ may be honored? I see everywhere things which I lament so that I fear, in short time, the Word of grace will be taken away from us because of unbelieving unthankfulness and the despising of it. Almost all of the congregations think thus: we free ourselves from the poor and send them to Wittenberg; we experience this daily. "No one wants to do more good and help the poor", meanwhile we seek what is ours and with a frenzy. "Well",that is the fate of the world. Be it well with you and pray for me. On the Sunday after Matthew (24 Sept.)1536. Your Martin Luther,D

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