Sunday, July 19, 2009

#2287-Nicolaus von Amsdorf to Luther

Look, my honorable Father in Christ, the judgment of D. Tridensis and the writing which Aepinus sent to me and that which he himself writes which are immediately read by the the Wittenbergers. While Philipp is absent I am sending them to you. Here it is said that contradictory things are being taught in Wittenberg. They stress heavily in the school that works are necessary for everlasting salvation but that you,however, in the very same week, on Sunday in the church, according to your blessed spirit, taught about the new birth: a child in the mother's womb does or works nothing but is only passive and is given form etc. This disturbs our people very much and also disturbs me. Our opponents in this city take heart against us and cause me toil and work in that they persuade people to return to their godless doctrine and to forsake the Gospel. Here I plead for your advice and plead again and again for the same. Here there is the rumor that the Pope has become a Lutheran because he preached twice in a week and likewise also several Cardinals. However, these are nothing things. "The devil is too strong there and together with his will not allow anything like that." The Bishop of Cologne has shaved his head and with a beard, dressed as a hunter, comes suddenly as a horseman in order to visit the Markgraf in Berlin. What that is about I do not know. Be it well with you. 14 Sept. Anno 1536. Your Amsdorf.

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