Wednesday, January 14, 2009

#2283-To the Council at Leisnig

To the honorable and wise Lords,Mayor and Council in Leisnig,my good friends.

Grace and peace in Christ. Honorable,wise,dear Lords and good friends! I appeal in an entirely friendly way, that you would regarding Mr. Antonio (Lauterbach),your preacher,think well of him and help him so that he and his may come away from Leisnig, as he desires, which is also necessary and beneficial. I see that it cannot be any different according to his need and benefit. It must follow, the dear God granting, that you another may secure who is able to get along as the parish-head. Permit it that another be sought;and I have earnestly admonished and requested that he should yield and desist, and he has consented to that; and we here will know well how to use him since you cannot find such stones on every street. And since he cannot be your parish-head he may yet find a place that is right for him. Consider that the offense caused by both sides should not be tolerated so give your help so that both will be together in this. Herewith be to God commended,Amen. Ultima (last day) of August 1536.Martinus Luther,D.
NOTE: Wonder if the LCMS Lauterbachs know about this one?

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