Wednesday, November 12, 2008

#2281a-To Georg,Prince of Anhalt

(2281 is summarized as letter from Georg to Luther stating the delay in settiling the matter between the Cardinal of Mainz and Antoninus Schoenitz is not the fault of the Cardinal nor of Georg himself who has been sick and busy but that of Schoenitz. Luther is asked to intervene with Schoenitz so he doesn't introduce something new and Prince Georg will do his best to bring the matter to a settlement. #2281a following is ML's reply to #2281.)

To the highly rewnown and illustrious,sincere Prince and Lord,Herr Georg,Prince of Anhalt,Graf of Ascanien,Lord in Bernburg,Probst of the Church in Magdeburg,his very gracious Lord.

Grace and peace in Christ! I have never in the very least doubted the faithfulness of
EFG, illustrious Prince so it is not necessary that EFG be concerned to excuse himself but I must always be suspicious of that very bad man because of many things which I have not learned from Schoenitz but from Rome and out of the Roman world. And I fear only for our Deutschland that you Princes may be too late in beginning to sigh and sorrow over your security; since it is the secret of evil that we do not become wise before the damage is done. If it is possible I plead that EFG would not trust this monstrosity. "If it however does not happen, it will go as it goes." We have here no abiding city (civitatem) but I only wish that out of this Egypt and Babylon(in which we are imprisoned) may have peace and well-being. "However, EFG will graciously regard me as well-intentione"; I cannot believe, or even grant the conjecture, that this man in any way is dealing in earnest or speaks. That I wish very much that EFG would be free of this horror "that God knows. May EFG see" how God will grant it. Concerning this petition all of us stand together also at this time happy with EFG but with fear, yet in serving "May God make it better than we think,Amen." Since the devil always makes it worse than we think. Herewith,Amen. The Monday after Bartholomew (28 August)1536.EFG's willing Martinus Luther,D.
NOTE: Um der Bitten willen aller der Unsern stelle ich mich daher auch EFG gern,aber mit Furcht,zu Dienst,doch "Gott mache es besser, denn wir denken,Amen. This is the second to last sentence of which you see my problematic translation above.
The Cardinal of Mainz,Albrecht, is not named but understood to be the bad guy.

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