Wednesday, August 06, 2008

#2268-To the Preachers in Augsburg

To the,in christ, highly-honorable men, the leaders and shepherds of the church in Augsburg, his sincerely loved brothers.

Grace and peace in Christ. In Christ,highly-revered men! I have received your letter with joy and thank God the LOrd that you have unanimously assented to the Concord. Christ grant that as you continue that we may increase with you in sincere love. And I hope that through you these our dealings will be made known to all pastors as much as you can so that all will be strengthened by this peace unanimously agreed to. Therefore we request that you with us will take care that the people also will know the clear opinion and finally this harmony will be complete and all considerations and doubts of conscience will cease. I will announce your agreement to all of ours and they will rejoice with us and that they will more easily that this will be a sincere accord after all offense has been removed. The LOrd direct our hearts in the love and patience of Christ, Amen. Given on the 7th of August 1536. Your Martin Luther.

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