Sunday, July 27, 2008

#2266-to Hieronymus Weller

My dear Herr Doctor! With joy I have heard and read that you finally have become a man and you have taken control of the unbridled flesh. Thus, what is a man without a she-man (Mannin)as Moses says or what is a she-man without a man mainly when you behold the first marriage? So both cannot know their generation so long as they remain alone. This manner of life has been created by God and up to now has supported it against all heresies and the devil,yes, against all the excesses, the complaints and impatience of men. May Christ now bless you and your wife and grant that you lovingly and in love always dwell with one another,Amen.

In reference to your marriage I am completely in accord with your intention since you know the unreliability of our market and all that we daily endure so that neither I nor Kaethe can hold the hope that we can honorably feed such a great group as should be done. And I do not want to bring such a disgrace upon us and you. To me it seems advisable that you celebrate the marriage in Freiburg or if that cannot happen that after you have a brilliant departure meal of several tables that you come here with a lesser contingent as did Kreuziger, Doctor Brueck and others and have a meal or breakfast of two or three tables set. I want you and your friends to consider this. As much as I can I will assist you and yours to have something tasty and be of service and you know what is ready for you."Our market is muddy and should the house be invited, the university with children and relatives and in addition which cannot be left out on my behalf that leaves neither 9 nor 12 tables." You know at your doctorate (meal) the matter was limited with wives and children absent and only the men invited there were 7 or 8 tables. What will it be if all these people,wives, children and colleagues also are to be nourished and fed? I am writing this that you might be suspicious that I want to get out of the work but so that you and your friends should think about and determine also what you should do. Be it well with you in Christ and greet your bride in my name and all of yours. Wittenberg on the 5th day of August Anno 1536.
NoTE: ML never went to Freiburg but had numerous contacts there and especially with the Weller family. Jerry stayed at the Black Cloister with the Luthers for several years.
Weller married Anna von Steige who was a ward of his brother-in-law Georg von Lisskirchen i.e. - the husband of Weller's sister who at times consulted Luther about personal doubts or conflicts.
ML in Mann and Manin is evidently playing ish(man) and ishah(woman) of the Genesis creation account.

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