Wednesday, June 04, 2008

2253a-To Georg, Prince of Anhalt

To the illustrious,high-born Prince and Lord, Lord Georg, Prince in Anhalt,Thurmprobst in Magdeburg,Graf in Ascanien, Lord in Bernburg, my gracious Lord.

Grace and peace iin Christ. Illustrious, high-born Prince,gracious Lord! Antonius Schenitz is now writing EFG, and I also wanted to write in addition requesting humbly that EFG would, as you have graciously been enmeshed,continue (to urge?) the Cardinal to make an end of the case or to release EFG from the mediator-position and ourselves also. I note that the man has the cardinal manner of trickery and wants to delay the matter so that meanwhile death may take him away or one portion taken from us; yet the Stift (?)(institution, foundation) will not die with him. If he keeps the field by right, our part is free; if that is lacking, he might also have it. God will be the right Judge, convictus iste Epicurus (condemn that Epicurus?)EFG herewith be commended to the dear Christ,Amen. Friday after Peter and Paul (30 June)EFG's willing Martinus Luther,.D.

NOtes: This was very difficult for me not being sure about whom the pronouns were referring to. Asked help from Luther Index for help on the Latin and general purport of the letter. From a previous letter I remember Schenitz being forced out of ducal Saxony by Duke Georg and Cardinal Albrecht. The latter is the arch-enemy of ML and Duke Georg following close thereafter. I think a "Stift" is generally a foundation or institution set up by the government.

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