Thursday, May 29, 2008

#2249-To Spalatin

To the highly-renown and worthy man, Herr M.Georg Spalatin, the very faithful servant of God, his very dear brother in the LOrd.
Grace and peace in Christ! You have done well, my dear Spalatin,in that you have had mercy on this man, Wolfgang Gotzel and written for him to the most illustrious Prince and I request that you continue to recommend him as he is worthy and has need. I have not at the same time wanted to petition for him so that I would not hinder your petition. You know sufficiently the suspicious nature of the Court and that there are delicate ears there so that perhaps they might from mine conclude that there was, as it were,the matter being pressed by collusion (composito).For this reason I have advised that you put forward your application first.If this is not beneficial you will indicate so to me and mine will follow. Be it right well with you in the LOrd with yours and thine. The 12th of June 1536. Your Martin Luther.

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