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#2241-Elector Johann Friedrich to ML and Melanchthon

To begin with, our greetings. Honorable and celebrated, dear devout and faithful ones! The celebrated, our cousnselor and dear faithful one, Bleikard Sindringer,Doctor, has reported to us ,as he arrived here with us today, among other things, that the matter with you and the Oberland (highland) cities preachers', who are now with you in Wittenberg, have reached good and harmonious means and ways which we should support as such to the honor, glory,and praise of Almighty God and the also the increase and spreading of His saving Word be benficial without doubt. This we graciously and gladly heard.

However, because the above named Doctor Bleikard did not actually know how to describe which form it would take and to what degree of unity the reported matter would extend to and so that we might gladly know the same it is our gracious desire you would provide us with the same, as you take leave of them, without delay and beneficially, by your own true messenger to Naumburg in writing which differentiates and reports giving us this knowledge which we here in Torgau have not received. May what have given you be a pleasing opinion and we are graciously inclined toward you. Dated at Torgau on the Thursday of the Ascension of the LOrd (25 Mai) Anno 1536.

NOTE: Check this with the experts as the language of the court is unbearably obtuse. But the essence is that the Elector wants a report as to the unity which may be achieved with the preachers of the highland cities which are those in the south.
Pastor Benjamin Mayes (see comments) has pointed that this is the Wittenberg Concord of May 26,1536. The "oberlandische" cities are Strassburg (signed by Bucer and Capito),Augsburg, Ulm et al and signed by Luther,Jonas,Creutziger,Bugenhagen,Melanchthon,Moenius, and Myconius. The last two of Eisenach (Menius) and Gotha respectively.

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