Wednesday, May 07, 2008

#2230-To Johann Riedtesel

(This a little bit earlier than the latest letter due to some translation problems which were mostly cleared up by Luther Index and Professor Susan Karant-Nunn of Arizona and with thanks to them.)

To the valiant and stoutly-honorable Johann Riedtesel, electoral Chamberlain in Saxony and in new market, (zum neuen Markt) my favored Lord and dear god-father.

G.u.F.(Grace and peace) Valiant and firmly-honorable,dear Lord,friendly, dear god-father! The two sons of Michael von der Strasse,formerly escort (Gleitsmann) in Borna, who after their father's life received a fund from a churchly income given by MGH and availed for three years so their studies had a good beginning and because their father left them in great debt that they not be able to continue their studies and it would be harmful if such a good beginning be abandoned, I request that the funding be continued for yet another three year period. I have learned that EG is inclined in such a good matter that the dear youth be educated in a praiseworthy and Christian way;so I request this in a friendly way. EG would with MGH do the best and make this and be beneficial to the poor youth and thus I want to assure EG of my confidence that he will provide. Herewith be commended to God and greet for me your dear love whom you also know is also to me very dear. Dated at Wittenberg 16 April anno MDXXXVI.Martin Luther,D.
NOTE: Riedtesel is god-father to Martin, son of Martin and Kaethe born in 1531, I think. From Luther Index I learned that Professor Susan says that Michael von der Strasse is a proper name and also she wrote to me that "Gleitsmann" is an escort for supplies or people. E.G. (your grace) is Riedtesel.M.G.H.(my gracious Lord) is, I think, the Elector of Saxony.
"zum neuen Markt" is still a mystery to me. Now see Thanks to Paul Riedesel for that!

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