Thursday, April 17, 2008

#2229-To Thomas Cromwell, Kanzler of Henry VIII

To the renown and distinguished man, Herr Thomas Cromwell (Cromweller), of the most illustrious Lord, the King of England etc., secretary and counselor, his Lord.
Grace and peace in Christ! That I have not yet answered the letter of EW (your worthiness)which D. Barnes delivered to me, honored Lord, is the fault of this D.Barnes who suddenly departed and did not stay around here so as to greet me or wish me well as he was in such an hurry. However there is time and opportunity for me to avenge this neglect. However, for your very friendly and acceptable letter I am very thankful and would to God that I by the grace of Christ would be worthy of the way you describe me. Since I consider myself to little merit of that which, as EW believes, I demonstrate; one thing I confess to the LOrd that through His grace the zeal and will is not lacking in me, or as Paul says the will is present but I do not find in me the carrying out of it; yet He, who sees my incompleteness, is complete and will finally, according His time make it complete in His time according to His good will. To Whom be glory forever,Amen. D. Barnes has made me exceedingly happy in that he has related to me the earnestness and appropriateness of EW in the matter of Christ especially in your repute throughout the entire kingdom with the most illustrious King which may bring about many benefits. I pray and will pray to the LOrd that His work which He has begun in EW He will happily strengthen and to His glory and the salvation of many people,Amen. From D.Barnes, whom I commend to the mercifulness of the Father, EW will richly learn how it is with us and will be dealt with. Wittenberg, on the day of Palmarum (9 April) 1536. EW's devoted Martin Luther,D.
NOTE:Cromwell was executed in 1540 under Henry VIII on charges of treason and heresy.Letters to Lutherans were used in his trial. Real reason was likely arranging the marriage of Henry VIII to Anne of Cleves
Editor: The Latin D.T. for Dominato tua was rendered Dignitas tua thus the German E.W. for Ew.Wuerden.

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