Wednesday, April 16, 2008

#2227-To the ViceKanzler Franz Burkhard

To the highly-honored man,Herr Franz Burkhard (Burgardo),Vicekanzler to the Prince in Saxony,his especially dear friend.
Grace and peace in Christ! I very much request of you, my dear Franz, that the appeal-writing of this man be delivered to the Prince and that you support that the illustrious Prince has in this matter has given a very strong order namely that both parites be forced to abide simply by the judgment of Justus Menius or whomever happens to be available.They have often attacked us and would not yield to be satisfied with our final judgment. I do not know what devil has become mixed up in this matter we being absent cannot advise anything fir(firmi) for those who are absent. Do what what you can. On both sides they are blood relations of mine therefore they trouble me more than others. Be it well with you in the LOrd, joyful and strong,Amen. On the Saturday before Palmarum (8 April) 1536. Your Martin Luther.
There must also be consideration given regarding the expenses which they accrue in going back and forth such a long way as maybe Justus Menius only resolve this at the place itself.
NOTE: Editors think this is a marriage case.

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