Wednesday, February 20, 2008

#2205- To Nicolaus Hausmann in Dessau

To the worthy and highly-reverend man, Herr M.Nic. Hausmannn, servant of the Word in Dessau, his superior in the LOrd.
Grace and peace in Christ! I plead with you, my dear Hausmann, that you would the marriage (matter?) of M(eister) Peter let pass over. M(eister) Petr has no authority over her since she as a widow has been long freed (emancipata) from the fatherly authority and is independent and M(eister) Peter has by public judgment been deprived of the house and possessions. She married at her own risk and it is enough that M(eister) Peter had so tragically dealt with the previous son-in-law so he should have not much to do with this but rather be concerned with his own being.
For the pastor in Woerlitz I do not know now of any settled position (so I will not make any futile promises to him); however, when I can, I will gladly be of service to when some sort of position is open.
As to news I have none beyond which you no doubt have heard there from M.Franz. The English envoys are waiting here for M.Philippus for him to further the matter of the King. I am involved with so many things that I hardly devote much time to any particular thing. My Kaethe greets you respectfully; be it right well with you in Christ. About Spiegel and your matter I will at another time write briefly. Again, be it well with you. On the day of St. Antonius (17 Jan.) Anno 1536.
NOTE: If this is as thought Peter Balbierer he stabbed to death at table the previous son-in-law and he was banned by the Elector. ML intervened and the death sentence was lifted.

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