Saturday, February 16, 2008

#2204-To Balthasar Raide, Preacher in Hersfeld

To the highly-honorable brother in the LOrd, Balthasar Raide,the very faithful and upright servant of the church in Hersfeld (Hirsfeldensis).

Grace and peace in Christ! Your letter has been delivered to me, however, by a chance messenger so that I was not able to respond. And since you have requested to see my hand I have written on the back side of this letter with large letters.If by this portrait you can recognize my hand,good; if not, still my temperment; I believe that I can discern not only your hand by your letter but also it is a witness of your disposition. The LOrd Jesus preserve you in this His kingdom. Yet, meanwhile, pray also for me that I may be free from certain godless people as you boast, in the LOrd, that you are free from the Anabaptists and the Sects. For me new prophets are always standing up and always one after another so that I almost wish to depart so that I do not see so much evil without end and at last be free of this kingdom of the devil. This you will pray for me since I am asking it of you. Our LOrd Jesus Christ preserve you;in Him be it right well with you. Given on the seventeenth of January 1536. Your Martin Luther.

NOTE: ON the back side which ML calls "dorsum huis chartae" of the original according to De Wette in large letters: Manum mean petisti
manum meam habes
Martinus Lutherus
i.e. You wanted my hand, behold, my hand you have.

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