Sunday, February 10, 2008

#2202-To the Elector Johann Friedrich

To the illustrious, high-born Prince and Lord, Herr Johann Friedrich, Duke in Saxony, Reich Arch-marshall of the Holy Roman Empire and Elector,Landgraf in Thuringia and Markgraf in Meissen, my most gracious Lord.
G.(Grace) and peace in Christ Jesus and my poor Pater Noster (Lord's Prayer). Illustrious, High-born Prince, most gracious Lord! ECFG's writing I have humbly understood. First, on Magister Philip whether he should be ordered here to discuss with us the matters on the King with the English messenger : therto it is my humble consideration that Maagister Philip (if he does not want to express himself on the matter) should also be there because ECFG before his trip to Austria prescribed to Doctor Antonius that he should require us theologians to come together as soon as the second messenger should come with it being here or (if the Legat wanted to avoid the Pestilenz) at Torgau. And ECFG indicated that they at Schmalkald received well the opinion of M. Philipp but I do not yet know how that proceeded or whether they were satisfied. To have the same again considered by ECFG I would not be happy that the Glimpf (don't know how to translate among many options) and outcry against us as they would despise us because here the constellation (Gestirne) are foolishly aligned against them that I almost marvel greatly; and yet they have the highest boast and praise without measure for how ECFG has regarded them until now etc.
To be sure on my part I can well appreciate that M.Philipp would want to be spared in this matter. Because I have the suspicion that I must pour this bath with no one or anyone; so there will fall (so I think) a great portion upon me. However, Magister Philipp's Glimpf (?)(leniency) I cannot offer.
Secondly, that ECFG so faithfully admonishes me to have good regard for the matter etc.,I thank ECFG heartily. However because they have prescribed to ECFG to tread down upon our previous appeals I must see and hear what they offer; ECFG may well learn (in confidence and private) that I cannot let, in conscience, it be hidden that the queen and young queen together before the whole kingdom should not be charged with incesti and incesta (blood shame)publicly as they boast that previously the Pope and and eleven universities have asserted. I cannot fathom the depth of their jurisprudence I could not say thereto more than a goose. However, I hold that my previous sentence should hold also but I do not want otherwise to be unfriendly to them or to imply that in other matters that they should think we German are stone and wood etc. Such I do not say at the table (conference table?)and they must hold to the matter etc. Otherwise every stable-boob would have to justify this matter everywhere. Such I want ECFG as an obedient answer graciously to receive. Herewith be commended to God and I humbly thank ECFG for the gift of the wild-game etc. On the Tuesday after Epiphany (11 Jan.)1536.ECFG'S obedient Martinus Luther,D.

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