Friday, February 08, 2008

#2201-Elector Johann Friedrich to Luther

To Docy.Mart.Luther, Johann Friedrich etc.
To begin, our greetings. Honorable and celebrated, dear devout one! After our Landvoigt in Saxony, Hans Metsch, yesterday arrived here, he reported to us among other things that he happily saw the English messenger and wanted us to require and write to Philipp Melanchthon to go to Wittenberg so that he and others of our learned ones discuss the marriage of the King of England and that the named messenger would also be there.
We do not want to keep from you our gracious opinion that we have also recognized the attitude of of Philip at Schmalkald: that he does not think such discussion useful; and that also the emergency of our University in Jena required that he remain there etc. Thus we at this time have consented and think it best that he refrain from the discussion and remain at our University in Jena.
Because, however we have from the report of our Landvoigt that the English messenger wants very much to have Philip at the discussion and we do not know whether because of previous considerations of this matter it would be necessary or not; thus it is our gracious wish that you would let us know your thoughts, also as to before, whether you regard it as good to have discussion with the messenger. And also whether you consider it well and useful that Philip should come to the discussion at Wittenberg so that we should not be lacking anyone. Such we do not want to be kept from your gracious opinion and are favorably inclined toward you. Dated at Lochau on the Sunday after Epiphany (9 Jan.) 1536.
____ a PS of the Elector which is questionable.

to you also of Magister Franz further reports what Philipp thinks of our considerations after his return to the University.
The dealing with England regarding the marriage matter we have no doubt will be given due respect so that nothing departing from Christian and honorable position will be made before God and the world will be determined and interpreted as your questioning of the messenger will yield and which I will chiefly have your gracious opinion with favored desire as you the matter with envoy of the King and you carry it out and that you will report the same in writing would be of great favor to me and commend me in your Christian prayers. Jo.Friedrich Elector m.ppr.sspt.

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