Thursday, January 03, 2008

#2185-To Justus Jonas

Grace and peace in Christ! Doctor Christian Baur has departed this life some eight days previously. Thus writes Philippus. The sickness was a fever in which a cough and an effusion of dampness (stillicidium) which traveled from the head to the chest. I am sending the letter. Brueck is not in Prague as you will read in the letter from Philippus. We have not yet learned anything about the Austrian trip. Last Sunday the Pest ravished our best citizens with damaging force. Now there is peace again as it was before the Pest. Also my chest suffered from a salty dampness (stillicidium)and now and then some coughing. Beyond that I have nothing (to write). I am wondering where the Papal Legate is or where he might have gone and also about the entire Council since such a great silence exists. Greet your entire fmaily (carnem) and pray for us. On the Day of Simon and Jude (28 October).
I am busy with thoughts about the verses for the theses against the Private-Masses like 1 Cor.13:2 and several other verses for the article on justification. My Lord Kaethe greets you who tills acres,feeds cattle and buys, brews etc.. Between these activities she has also taken up reading the Bible with the promise of 50 Gulden if she finishes the same before Easter;"there is great earnestness". Now she is reading the fifth book of Moses. On the Day of Simon and Jude (28 October) Anno 1535. Your Martin Luther.
NOTE: Looks like the deceased is Christian Bayer a counselor of the Elector.
The Elector traveled to Vienna to receive a land-use privilege.
Looks like there are variants as to the dampness; sulsum,falsum with the Editors adopting salsum=salty?

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