Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Mayor and Council of the city of Esslingen to ML

Grace and peace through Christ our only Savior and to begin with offering our friendly, good-willed service. (After the salutation it's all one sentence so good luck)
Worthy,celebrated,especially favored dear Herr and faithful Father!When the respectable, our dear friends of the city of Augsburg, the celebrated and respected Gereon, the physician doctor,and Caspar Huber had taken care of the proposals with your Worthiness
with skillful and pleading efforts the above named Gereon, doctor, when he traveled and came by us again and made it known all the dealings at hand and reported with all earnestness what delight the emissaries from your Worthiness had and that Your Worthingess favorably offered to the same that there should be no lack and especially with all willingness and ability inclination toward the agreeable love and unity with us and all the other upland cities to strengthen and support us so we say thanks and praise to the Almighty forever holding special joy: we plead earnestly with your Worthiness that you would also no less take up and accept us as well as those of the city of Augsburg as Christian brothers in the LOrd and in fatherly and favorable order hold and support us: we wanting with divine help to our Christian preachers and elders divine truth according to the pure clear Word and Command of God
to be pious Christians with the avoidance of every sort of evil sect and support and carry out and forward God's work so that the glory of God be promoted, His holy Name praised and His divine truth spread abroad and serving the salvation of all souls and also commending your Worthiness as our faithful father to all special well-being and herewith commending ourselves to your faithful and Christian prayer. Dated on the Thursday, the 19th of August Anno 1535. Mayor and Council in Esslingen.

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