Friday, November 02, 2007

#2154-To Justus Jonas

Grace and peace in Christ1 I wish for you good fortune that will be for your joy there but also would be happy for all great happenings, as you mention, if you could have your place back in this place (completely nothing or rather nothingness itself are the rumors of our Pest) however it has been concluded in heaven that Satan should separate us bodily; who knows with what monstrosity.M. Philippus has been summoneed by the King of France and it is my agreeable advice that he shoud travel. Only he has not received this from the Prince; he is properly not agreeable that he should go again from here to Jena; what will happen I do not know. The awarding of doctorates will take place on the day of the raising of the Holy Cross (Sept.14)with the debate on the Saturday previous (Sept.11). The illustrious Prince has assented to providing a deer or a deer-cow (if the arrow goes astray) and the best wine from the castle. Pommer is on the way back and you will be there at the same time and also the Jena school if one should call it other than Jenaer since it is Wittenbergers. There is a wonderful solitude in the city, however, thanks to God, we are healthy and live completely calmly only there is absolutely no beer in the city. My body is blessed in that there is yet a little in the cellar. The citizens surely suffer the lack of drink. What will happen if the school stays here? All new beer brewed will almost be drunken hot off the glowing coals so that (driven by thirst-sitati=siti acti) anyone who can somehow do it will be forced to become a brewer. My Lord Kaethe greets you respectfully and also yours and all of yours. My Johann Luther would have answered your young Jonas but because he recognized in the letter the elder Jonas he could not in such a great situation write through the older Luther; he will soon write according to his age. Again be it well with you. The 19th of August Anno 1535. Your Martin Luther,D.
I would gladly serve Bernhard but because I cannot take it from mine since I am obligated by God to serve so many house guests and have much responsibility (so that I cannot -conjecture by Editors). Eschenhausen do not want to be at home here or rather never want to pay. I marvel how it is that this capable man with a capable wife are oppressed with such great poverty and cannot be helped with one or two alms and to continually extend alms to such capable people is finally not possible. You advise me in what way I can benefit him and I will gladly do it for the good man and chiefly because he is a guest in the church of the heathen and a house-companion in the Jewish church. Again, be it well with you.
NOTE: In Wittenberg there is no beer except in ML's cellar.

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