Tuesday, November 27, 2007

#2168-To Frau Dorothea Joerger

Nota Bene: Omitted #'s 2164 and 2166 -letters to ML from the mayor and council of Ulm and the council of Augsburg respectively as the official letters are often filled with very long,complex sentences a little too difficult for me to master. Import of both was concord-formulae of pastors in the areas agreeing with the Evangelicals on the Sacraments and thanking ML for his help in their agreeing and hoping for continuance of the same. Many evidently were of Bucer's persuasion.

To Dorothea:
Grace and peace in Christ along with my poor Paternoster etc. Honorable , dear Frau!
I have listened to Mr. Andres and received your writing and I thank you for the present, especially for the Groschclins although I am not certain that they are legal tender because they look so new; however, it may be counterfeit or poured etc.
Also Mr.Andres has communicated to me how you would be glad to know whether you in good conscience (since the head-pastor would allow it) could have the Gospel preached in your house for your relatives only, but excluding the other children of the parish. Since the parish-head would permit it you may practice this so long as it is defended by authority; then you would not be responsible if account of others a higher authority would be in force against you. Each one must make this venture on one's and make their own adventure. For the rest you are not mistaken if the preachers are anointed or shorn by the ordaining bishop; since the same are not ordained for the preaching-office but for the corner-masses and priests of Baal and Jeroboam. Who is called, is ordained ,and should preach to those who called him; that is our LOrd God's ordination and true Chrism etc. My house-wife greets you and yours in a friendly way. Herewith, be to God commended, Amen. In Wittenberg on the Sunday after our dear Lady's birth (12 Sept.) 1535. Martinus Luther,D.

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