Tuesday, October 30, 2007

#2151-To Gabriel Zwilling, Pastor in Torgau

Grace and peace. My dear Herr Pastor! I wanted that at least our letters might come to because your city fears greatly for us Wittenbergers. And, to be sure, your fear is justified; yesterday a child died completely so not an hair remained alive but on the other hand four children were born. I think the devil has a Fastnacht (night before Ash Wednesday) with such vain frights or there is a church dedication in hell as the devil is so lecherous about masks.
I plead with that you would request on my behalf from your treasury-overseer that he would grant this man who bears this letter 12 silver Schock so that he may be encouraged as upright people have pleaded for him with me namely Hieronymous Krappe and his brother who is head-pastor in Dessau. Fac quod poteris, nam ego isis hominbus libenter obsequerer. Bene in Christ vale (Do what you can since I want to please these people. Be in right well with you in Christ). And let me know whether I should come and go for a walk with you; one here says it is a wonder how strong are the Herr in Togau, and may God not will that as many die by you as by us. So well, let fools be; herewith be commended to God, Amen. 1535 Cyriaci. Martinus Luther,D.

NOTE: The Editors say ML is giving a joking report to Zwilling on the plague in Wittenberg.

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