Tuesday, October 23, 2007

#2143-Elector Johann Friedrich to Luther

(From) Johann Friedrich, Duke in Saxony and Elector by God's Grace. To begin with, our greetings. Honorable and highly-celebrated,dear devout one! We have received your writing regarding a benefit for Caplan Mr. Johann Mantel which has been vacated by the death of Mr. Peter Jueterbock and the out standing money on behalf of Mr Hieronymous Weller and considered it and, as God wills, intend in a few days go about the land so we announce concerning the lapsed beneficence our gracious answer and also extend to Weller the outstanding money. We did not want to keep from you our gracious opinion and are favorably inclined toward you. Dated in Weimar on the Tuesday after Alexius (20 July) 1535 Anno Domini.

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