Saturday, October 20, 2007

#2142-Johann Fredrich Elector of Saxony

Grace and peace in Christ and my poor Paternoster. Illustrious, high-born Prince, most gracious Lord! Here Mr. Peter Juerterbock's beneficence from ECFG's institution has become free upon his death.Now also our Caplan Mr. Johann Mantel this entire winter up to now was in danger of a stroke occuring so that I and the other church-servants have more work. And yet it is proper that one such aged servant of the Gospel now in age and sickness should not be forsaken so I humbly appeal that ECFG would graciously give order , not forever, but temporarily that the beneficence of Mr.Peters beneficence to given him until our common treasury may care for him. The good man faithfully served up to now and is worthy that he be appreciated for his labor. Such endowment of ECFG would only be so long until we can do better and do without and then it again would come to the University since there is no one among us so minded (praise God) that would want it to cease. Otherwise,likely, we must find a different way to care for the good man among us which would be difficult. ECFG will graciously provide since today or tomorrow it may go the same for one or another among us. A laborer is worthy of his reward (says Christ). ECFG will know how graciously to proceed. Christ our LOrd be with ECFG here and there, Amen. Friday after Margaretha (16 July) 1535. ECFG's obedient Martin Luther,Dr.
ECFG will graciously consider my Mr. Hieronymous Weller. It is a long time since
his money should have come from Eisenach at the time of St. Phillip and James (1 May) and he has nothing yet and must be nourished at my board.
NOTE: Looks like ML is a one man social welfare committee.

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